Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates and Yoga are complementary disciplines (nonetheless, systems that support one another). Both offer dynamic exercises which assist: strength, flexibility and balance. Founder, Joseph Pilates, created his multidisciplinary system (Pilates) after extensively studying bodybuilding, Yoga, martial arts and gymnastics. This hybrid of exercises formulates a physical experience that challenges your strength and stability. Yogasana invites you to experience expansion and flexibility- both physically and mentally.

At BeMoore, we encourage you to try a range of our different classes to see which is suitable for your needs.

Book your first free two weeks to access our variety of diverse classes.

All our classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners (unless the name of the class has stated otherwise).

Everyone is welcome in our classes- we pride ourselves in ensuring that new students feel well equiped, welcome and safe.

During each class we invite you to explore your physical and mental needs. In each session, your teacher will support your needs by guiding you accordingly and offering alternatives based on your level.

The BeMoore community is constantly growing and we welcome you to be part of it.

All our classes are suitable for both men and women. We honour diversity in our classes- welcoming different backgrounds, genders and abilities.

BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training runs classes 48 weeks of the year.

Please book in via the booking system and this will keep you up to date with closures.

We have such a wide variety of classes. We try to accommodate for all and then give you a little rest during the important holidays.

You may continue to access all on-demand classes during the holildays.

We encourage all students to bring their own mats for hygene purposes. We have spares incase you forget and a shop for new purchases.

Please come wearing gym clothes or something comfortable that you can move in i.e. shorts/ leggings and t-shirt.

Footwear is not required.

Please always try to carry water with you for hydration.

All injuries and back pain are accommodated for. Please disclose this information upon initial sign-up.

BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training  offers private sessions tailored to rehabilitating injuries.

Becki Moore (Founder of BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training) has received extensive training. She has been trained by Future fit, APPI and Miranda Bass (Body Control). Becki has combined her multitude of knowledge and experience in creating her own style within her classes.

Please refer to the booking system. You can book any class on the timetable as far in advance as you wish.

BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training does not offer this option. Please refer to our membership options . Our minimum membership requires attending 4- 5 times a month so we can help you reach your goals.


BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training is an expanding community and we welcome anyone who walks through our doors.

Anyone can book their first free two weeks (via our website

Please see our terms and conditions.

You can cancel or amend your membership at any time with 7 business days’ notice by emailing [email protected]

We do not accept amendments via text, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

You can freeze or change your membership at any time.