Eating intuitively is one of my favourite things! This is something I practice as often as possible.

I really fancied Avocado on Sourdough Bread with Olive Oil and Smoked Salmon.

All day I ignored my body’s pleas and ate what I already had at home. Eventually after spending the afternoon with a headache, tired and demotivated I decided to take my own bodies advice and pop out to get  –  Avocado on Sourdough Bread with Olive Oil and Smoked Salmon.

As soon as I ate it my headache disappeared and I felt energised and ready to write again! – I wish I had listened to my body earlier it would have been a far more productive day!

I have been through years of dieting, binging, monitoring, weighing, supplement shakes, you name it I have probably tried it! But Intuitive eating for me has been Life changing!

How do we eat intuitively?

Intuitive eating takes us right back to what I believe in  – The natural and healthy roots of basic eating for health and wellbeing.

Here are some guidelines to bring intuitive eating into your life –

  • Check if you are really hungry when you go to eat, maybe your thirsty, or just bored, maybe you have even got to the point of being over hungry and your body has gone into starvation mode?
  • Try to stop eating when you are full/ or even better 3/4 full. Try not to overfill your plate, save some for later if you wish. If you are in a restaurant ask to take it home, we do not have to eat everything on our plates. Yes, there are starving people out there, so take the food home, or give it to one!
  • Make peace with your food – give yourself unconditional permission to eat!
  • Honour who you are when you are purchasing food, are you happy with that purchase, and the journey it has been though to get to you?
  • Discover the satisfaction factor – slow down and really enjoy your food.
  • Check in with what your body really likes? For example – fresh or boxed and premade?
  • Honour your feelings without using food. Boredom is a feeling, so is sadness and frustration, sit with it and it will pass, eating will just heighten it. Or if you can not sit with it, read a book,  learn a language or doing something else creative that you enjoy.
  • Respect your body and love it! It is Beautiful!!!!!!!!
  • Honour your health – make food choices that honour your health and tastebuds while making you feel well.

Intuitive eating is based on leaving behind the mental processes that have led to obsession/problem/dysfunctional relationship with food. We stop labelling food and then we can stop treating it like a best friend or enemy.

The objective is to eventually be so in tune with your body that you choose to eat when and what your body needs.

The modern-day

So why is this SO hard – we are intelligent humans that have lived on the earth and managed to feed ourselves without guidance for thousands of years so what’s the problem now…?

The modern day has conditioned us to think, we should eat breakfast at a certain time, lunch at the time our work decides, and dinner altogether at the same time.

If you’re hungry, don’t wait until you’re hypoglycemic, hangry and faint…. Just eat!

And if you know you are prone to any of the above tendencies – be prepared! Keep high nutrient snacks in arms reach to keep your body and mind in the best working condition.

Marketing has also confused us, with ‘diet’ and ‘convenience’ foods, we seem to be confused…. are these for us or not!?

We might also be confused between a ‘craving’ and a call for nutrients. For example, we may have a craving for crisps, but what our body might really want is sodium. Or a craving for Chocolate might be a deficiency in potassium.

Get to know your body and your mind!

When you gain the knowledge about yourself and your body this will become much easier and you will intuitively go for the high nutrient foods that your body needs!

There are many techniques that can be used to achieve intuitive eating.

It is not a one rule fit all approach. Our eating habits and history differ dramatically and therefore so do our body’s and our goals!

If you are interested in Coaching support to empower you with the skills for Intuitive Eating. Please feel free to contact me for private coaching.

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