In this workshop we will breakdown all 34 Original Mat based exercises. We will cover all levels so you can understand the fundamentals and discover how you can progress your regular practice. We will also give modifications for each exercise for everyone with injuries.

This workshop is suitable for Injured, beginner, Intermediate and advanced men and women of all age’s.

This workshop will run on the 1st Saturday of the month every 3 months (Nov, Feb, May)

£45 Non-Members
£20 BeMoore Members

£10 BeMoore Unlimited Members

3.5 hours.

Teacher: Becki Moore, Founder of BeMoore.


In this physical and lecture-based workshop we will explore the significance of myofascial meridians and all the fascial properties to learn how to integrate these into the way we move and stretch.

Fascia has the power to transmit  force throughout the whole body from one end to the other. We will tap into the myofacsial meridian lines on a physical level via glide movement, elasticity, plasticity and the different combinations of viscoelasticity. 

We will also be using some props to explore intelligent strength and stretching exercises and how it can tune our physical activity no matter what it is. 

There will be a powerpoint presentation to understand the science behind the developement of the properties and the way the body connects as well as a class to to the theory into practice.

Available in the studio and via Zoom

£45 Non-Members

£20 BeMoore Members

£10 BeMoore Unlimited Members


  • Asana
  • Meditation
  • Philosophy
  • Astrology
  • Breathwork