Flexibility Training

Fascia has the power to transmit force throughout the whole body from one end to the other.

During our training will tap into the myofascial meridian lines on a physical level via glide movement, elasticity, plasticity, and the different combinations of viscoelasticity. ​

Elasticity: The body’s ability to bounce back.

this is incredibly important for the development of flexibility and the prevention of injury. It’s a property that the body can lose as it gets older but it can be retrained through bouncing movements.

Viscoelasticity: Creating glide to separate muscles and fascia, and develop creep, and heat to allow the muscle (or fascia) to gradually deform under stress.

Reacting solidly giving our joint stability as we jump and move dynamically.

Poses should be held for 30 seconds to one minute.

Stretching at 80% of our maximum capacity yields the highest results with repetitions of 3-4.

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