“I joined Becki’s pilates classes 3 months ago. I thoroughly enjoy them and it’s the only fitness class I have really stuck with. The exercise has just the right amount of challenge whilst still being fun! Pilates has improved my posture, my flexibility, my muscle tone and reduced my back pain. And I love the relaxation bit at the end of each class, I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed!”

“I joined a pilates class as a total beginner. I needed to gain spinal and core strength for my job but also to have some time out just to look after myself. I have found a huge improvement on my strength after just a few sessions and am now hooked on Becki’s classes. They are always different and I love that there are different options for each move dependant on the level you want. Friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a lovely relaxation part at the end.”

“I was looking for a Pilates class for so long after I had my son, I suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) so badly I was in physio for months, it wasn’t until I started taking Becki’s classes that I was able to walk without a limp and my strength came back after only 4 lesson’s, I’ve been going to her amazing relaxing classes now for 5 months and I wouldn’t be without them. Not only am I pain-free when I leave a session but I feel happier and more confident, she is more than just a Pilates coach, she has become a friend, by making me feel so welcome. Thank you, Becki, for starting these classes!”

“Becki and her classes have helped me so much in so many ways – I started Pilates because I tried to find a treatment for my Fibromyalgia which had got worse over the last months. I also wanted to do something for myself and find a way to manage stress and depression. When I first joined for a free session I was overwhelmed by the kindness and love that was around and Becki listened to my problems and tried to find the best solution for them. After a few weeks into Pilates not only my body improved but I was in a lot less pain and my mental health went from barely manageable to almost absolutely stable. If you are looking for a positive change in your life, new friends, a healthier lifestyle, or just a distraction from everyday life – BeMoore Pilates is the place to go!”

Truly the best Yoga experience ever, you are a wonderful guide!

I love your teaching style. The balance of Science and Philosophy information delivered throughout your classes is just what I have been looking for.

“With hypermobile joints and a torn rotator cuff muscle, my exercise options are fairly limited. Pilates is perfect for me, but I couldn’t find a class at a time that fits around work and children. I was also aware that my 13-year-old wasn’t doing much exercise, but there is so little choice for girls between 10 and 14. Becki had been recommended by a colleague and when I asked her about bringing my daughter along, she was only too happy to help. Given how busy life seems these days, Becki’s classes are a really good way to reboot my brain and for my daughter and me to do something together. I leave feeling totally energized – a rare feeling for a busy working mum!”

From Alice, age 13 “I attended my first Pilates class with Becki just as my Year 9 assessments were starting. I went along with my Mum to help build my core strength but was surprised by how relaxed I felt afterward. It was the first time I hadn’t felt stressed out in weeks.”

“Since starting BeMoore Pilates I have felt a huge improvement in my core strength and flexibility. I look forward to the classes each week which build upon previous learning whilst also learning new postures. At the end of each class, there is also a chance to relax and reflect which I particularly enjoy, especially after a busy week! Becki is a great teacher who demonstrates each move clearly and ensures that everyone is doing it properly. In addition to this, she also gives suggestions for making certain exercises easier or harder to suit a variety of ability levels. I can definitely recommend BeMoore Pilates!”

“I started Pilates with Becki in April with a vague plan as always to try to get myself into shape after having two children earlier in my life. At 40 I felt very inflexible and wanted to repair/strengthen my core so that I could start to undertake another exercise. I didn’t really have any expectations, having attended similar classes before and not being able to commit. Becki has an amazing, engaging, and encouraging style of teaching that has made me commit to attending her classes virtually every week (sometimes twice a week!) for the last six months. I am confident for the first time doing Pilates that I understand how to engage my core, which I can feel is getting stronger and can now even touch my toes!”

“I started Pilates because I had lower back pain.

I have been going to Becki’s Pilates classes now for the last month and I absolutely love it!

I can now say I have no lower back pain which is just wonderful, and it’s all down to wonderful Becki.

Thank you so much.”

“I have been attending Becki’s Pilates Class for several months now after attending a free ‘taster’ session. I have never tried Pilates before but from the very first session, I felt I benefited. I wanted to achieve inner core strength, flexibility, and better posture. I enjoy attending Becki’s classes, she is a fabulous caring teacher, full of support and praise. It’s great also to have ‘me-time’ and to take on board the positive affirmations and relaxation techniques. I look forward to my classes and feel invigorated afterward!”

“My counselor suggested Pilates. How on earth could she even contemplate that this was going to help me?

My confidence was on the floor and every day was a dark one.  She clearly knew nothing about me or the desperate place I was in. Even walking into a room of people I didn’t know sent me into a panic. She was clearly deluded!

As the months ticked by and I began to feel better, responding well to my therapy, a friend asked me if I wanted to go for a Pilates class at the Jubilee Centre.

This was now over a year after the original suggestion and although still not exactly overjoyed at the prospect I thought I would give it a go.

After being welcomed so warmly it became apparent very soon my fitness levels were embarrassingly low. I bumbled through the class being discretely assisted by Becki throughout. Then after the realization that I needed to become more active the whole tonne of the class changed. The lights were dimmed and now was a time to think about ourselves and how amazing we really are. This was something I had never done before. I had been a victim of abuse, the type of abuse that made me disconnect from my body, and now for the first time I’m being encouraged to connect and take time to appreciate it.

The penny had dropped! I now completely understood why Pilates had been suggested. My mind and body were not working together, in fact, they were battling for the majority of the time. I don’t expect this will make much sense to everyone reading this but for me, it was truly a lightbulb moment and an emotional one too. I had been so bogged down by my thoughts and everyday life, barely functioning, full of anger with a complete lack of confidence.

Pilates has enabled me to focus and connect with myself. It gives me the time to learn properly to breathe, I had panted my way through life and now there is calm, there is the focus. What is important to me is apparent now and the rest of the other stuff, the damaging and negative stuff has gone. Clarity was being restored!

My posture has improved so has my breathing.

I’m so happy to have found Becki and her Pilates classes and the counselor who originally planted the seed and I hope to continue long into the future. My fitness levels are improving as could barely manage 3 press-ups at the start now I can do 10, little steps.

I would urge everybody to give it a go.”