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“Bali is pure magic, it is perfect to rest, play, and restore”

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This unique concept allows you to create a package to perfectly suit your fitness and spiritual wishes, needs, desires, and goals.

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Are you looking to improve your strength, posture, flexibility, mobility, health, or general well-being?

Do you have a specific goal you wish to achieve?

Are you new to exercise and want to get clued up before starting classes?

Are you recovering from an injury and require a bespoke rehabilitation program?

Private Coaching can include a combination of PT, Pilates, Yoga, Back Care, Nutrition, Hypermobility support, CBT, and/or Rehabilitation.

Pilates is a balanced, non-impact, body conditioning holistic exercise system that can be adapted to everyone’s needs.

Are you looking to improve your strength, posture, balance, flexibility, mobility, and well-being?

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Are you looking to improve core strength?

Becki Moore teaches based on the original 34 Mat Pilates Exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.

Becki Moore has an extensive background in Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Yoga and specialises in rehabilitation. She applies her modern knowledge to the Pilates movement to offer a variety of fun effective exercises.

Becki Moore teaches a wide range of yoga classes based on her extensive modern 600-hour Myofascial Meridian Training with Dylan Werner and her traditional 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with Sampoorna Yoga.

As a practitioner, Becki loves a strong playful practice and prides herself on practicing with the best Yoga teachers in their field so she can continuously continue to expand and grow her practice and knowledge.

Over the years some of Becki’s influential teachers have included: Dylan Werner (Myofascial Meridian Sequencing, Breathworks, and Meditation), Stuart Gilchrist (Yogasana),  Emi Tull (Dharma), Alan Ellman (Vinyasa), Leon London (Rocket), Mercy Anada (Philosophy), Shiva Das (Astrology), and most recently Meghan Currie (Vinyasa).

Becki loves to teach strong playful Vinyasa flows, Flexibility classes, and Yin/Restorative classes as well as workshops, and teacher training!

Flexibility Training

When we aim to develop healthy flexibility we should be mindful to train all properties of the muscles and fascia.

To be put very simply, fascia can be described as the fabric of our form. It joins every single part of us together. It is often described as white connective tissue. Fascia is essentially made up of collagen and elastin fibers bound together to form a variety of tissues.

Fascia has the power to transmit force throughout the whole body from one end to the other. In movement, our fascia connects in lines throughout the body from one end to the other. Through each line of connected fascia, we meet various muscles. According to Tom Myers (anatomy trains), the lines include; front and back, lateral, spiral, deep front, functional, and arm lines. For a healthy balanced body structure, it is important to strengthen and lengthen along all the lines.

For maximum balanced health and results it is also important to prepare the body and train all the properties of the musicals and the fascia. For this reason, we create heat (through glide movement), elasticity, plasticity, and different combinations of viscoelasticity. ​

Flexibility training is the perfect class to target the areas you are looking to lengthen without tricky transitions.

Suitable for all injuries and abilities.

As humans, we experience many emotions and often all at once. This can make it challenging to see clearly the next steps we wish to take in our lives.

Sometimes it is hard to identify all of our feelings and often we are not even aware we have been experiencing some of them. People will often experience 20-plus emotions all at once.

During this session, we will first identify, name, and discuss each emotion that you are experiencing at present (or in relation to a particular situation if you have one that is currently challenging).

We will then identify your needs, and together we will create a step-by-step plan on how to meet your needs.

We will take the time to explore this together. Allow up to two hours for this session.

Becki Moore teaches a range of breathwork tools to enhance –

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Sleep Enhancement   
  • Equanimity
  • Stress / Anxiety Relief 
  • Increased Energy
  • Morning Alertness
  • Mindset Boost
  • Athletic Performance and Post-workout Recovery
  • Mental Clarity and Memory

80% of people experience back pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain can be managed and future suffering can be reduced or avoided by using specific physical activity and lifestyle strategies.

Becki Moore specializes in back pain and offers services to help empower you to manage your symptoms, reduce future episodes and enhance your quality of life.

Having had a history of Anxiety related Insomnia for almost 20 years this subject is incredibly close to my heart.

Life under severe sleep deprivation is not a pleasant one and it becomes hard to enjoy waking hours.

It is not just a feeling of being tired, it is so much more; depression, the mental inability to function, the body’s inability to function, and the effect it has on your work, friendships and relationships.

Becki Moore offers individually designed sessions to help enhance your sleep.

After extensive training and study, Becki Moore came to understand her own hyper-mobility. As a young gymnast, Becki suffered many problems and experienced pain as a result of the lack of hyper-mobility management. Presently, she proactively implements her knowledge and understanding of hyper-mobility in her everyday practice and classes. Her focus of Pilates and Yoga enables both her students and herself to move freely and with ease.

Since teaching and practicing Pilates and Yoga, Becki has seen an exponential change in her symptoms.

  • She does not experience frequent injuries.
  • Improved proprioception
  • Decreased joint stiffness as a result of daily practice
  • Pain-“I am aware that I will experience pain/discomfort, but I also know this is temporary and I am more mindful not to push myself to my end range when experiencing new exercises. I take breaks and reduce reps. When I am in pain I make sure I take time to rest. It is all about balance.”
  • Decrease in muscle and joint fatigue
  •  Improved gross motor control

We know that is it never a one rule fits all approach.

We have a range of skills to help manage your hyper-mobility (or EDS) and help you to lead a happier more pain-free life.

We will look at a wide range of areas and tailor a program to suit your needs.

We strive to accommodate all prenatal needs.

Thank you!

We will be in touch with your requested personal wellness package in the next 24 hours.

 See you soon!