About Becki as a Yoga Teacher

Becki Moore teaches a wide range of yoga classes based on her extensive modern 600-hour Myofascial Meridian Training with Dylan Werner and her traditional 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with Sampoorna Yoga.

As a practitioner, Becki loves a strong playful practice and prides herself on practicing with the best Yoga teachers in their field so she can continuously continue to expand and grow her practice and knowledge.

Over the years some of Becki’s influential teachers have included:

Dylan Werner (Myofascial Meridian Sequencing, Breathworks, and Meditation), Stuart Gilchrist (Yogasana),  Emi Tull (Dharma), Alan Ellman (Vinyasa), Leon London (Rocket), Mercy Anada (Philosophy), Shiva Das (Astrology), and most recently Meghan Currie (Vinyasa).

Becki loves to teach strong playful Vinyasa flows, Flexibility classes, Yin/Restorative classes as well as workshops, and teacher training!

Power Vinyasa Yoga

This class combines modern knowledge of strength and power training with flexibility training and traditional playful yoga poses.

We work on strengthening, lengthening, and creating stability through movement that develops elasticity, glide, stability, and plasticity.

Not only will you leave having developed more powerful physically but this class will also help you to feel more emPOWERed!

What to expect:

Power yoga will include vinyasa flow variations and options, strengthening yoga poses, and movements to develop power!

We will begin with a grounding, intention-setting meditation. The vinyasa will include playful yoga poses and elements of jumping/ mini bouncing to strengthen and stabilize the joints (with alternatives for those where jumping is not suitable).

We will move into longer holds (30 – 60 seconds) to develop plasticity (lengthening of the muscles) and begin to slow down the body and the mind.

We will then close with a strong powerful releasing breath practice.

This class is suitable for all levels but may not be suitable for all injuries, please speak with your teacher in advance if you have a back or shoulder injury.

Restorative/ Yin Yoga 

This class is designed to calm and focus the mind, release tension and deepen flexibility using gentle effective modern techniques to develop glide and lengthen the muscles and fascia beyond the natural maximum flexibility.

This is a slow relaxing and releasing practice.

What to expect:

In these classes, you will experience a range of effective flexibility, relaxation, breathwork, cognitive therapy, and meditation techniques.

We will begin with relaxing, awareness, and connecting meditations in a supported supine (lying position).

We will gradually work our way through various specially selected yoga poses.

We will gently prepare the body for each pose by starting with a small amount of movement in each position to create space and heat. We will then hold each posture for 1 – 3 receptions of 45 seconds (to develop maximum flexibility where required).

Finally, we will rest in some postures for around 3 minutes to enquire into the body and the mind and expand the body on a deeper level.

Q) What is the difference between Restorative and Yin?

A) In Becki’s restorative classes the focus will be on relaxation, meditation, calming breathwork, and gentle restoring flexibility work.

A) In Becki’s Yin classes there is a deeper focus on sensation, observation of the mind in sensation, and deepening flexibility.

Each class is suitable for all levels and injuries.

Elements Flow

This is a beautiful vinyasa-based class that connects us to the earth, water, fire, prana, and air. It deepens our love for ourselves and others, helps us to keep grounded whilst reaching for our dreams and aspirations, and assists us to observe our relationships with our inner and outer nature.

We will learn about the Vayus as we combine movement with breath, energy with mudras, and intention in our lives.

Join us for this beautiful, fun, spiritual, and educational practice designed to leave you feeling transformed.

This class is suitable for all levels but may not be suitable for all injuries, please speak with your teacher in advance if you have a back or shoulder injury.

Flexibility Training 

This is a fun, upbeat, effective class designed for all levels and injuries.

During training, we work on the myofascial meridian lines (front, back, lateral, deep, and spiral) on a physical level via glide movement, elasticity, plasticity, and different combinations of viscoelasticity.

What to expect:

Classes will include dynamic movements, mini-bouncing movements, and longer holds.

The class can be designed for all lines for a fully balanced weekly class or focused on specific areas depending on the theme, level, ability, injuries, or rehabilitation requirements.

Each class is suitable for all levels and injuries.

Please WhatsApp me to book me for a regular class, class cover, workshop, or teacher training.